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Through Time & Magic:  An Irish Adventure

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Flora, Fauna, Geography, Geology

Appropriate for:            Upper grade school children and up 

Prep work:                      10 - 60  min + printing 

Reading Time:               60-90 minutes

Classroom time:            0 - 2 hours (depending on if/which activities)

Activities:                        Individual, small group, entire class

Geography Supplementals

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Additional  Material:

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References and links throughout the book, for further interest and study.​

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Supplemental Material

Four children wake up one morning to find themselves back in time and in another country:  Ireland.  In order for the magic to transport them home, they must embark on an epic journey.  With the help of the Wolfhound and Irish faeries, the four friends discover the magic of Ireland and within themselves.

Through Time & Magic makes learning about the science aspects of Ireland fun.  Follow four grade-school friends as they discover the different types of rocks, geography, flora and fauna of Ireland. 

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The book can stand alone or add in activities below for more in-depth learning and fun.

Additional  Material:

Celtic Life & Heritage partnered with Neural Education to deliver a presentation at the WA Homeschool Organization Convention in Tacoma, WA.

 An introduction to Education through a Neural Lens, the presentation is broken down into three sections:

  1. How the Brain works
  2. Learning Components
  3. Resources

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"Interesting, informational, a story that will keep your attention. I felt like I knew the characters.   I think my friends would like this book, especially if it was something we could have read in school instead of boring books. Teachers don’t always make geography fun, and this book did."
Nevi T.  5th grade

Flora Activities Guide

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