2019:  Great Homeschools Convention, CA June

2019:  WA Homeschool Convention - June 

2019:  Ocean Shores, WA Seanchai Play / Tournament - Oct

Buffalo Irish Center

IIrish Center - Buffalo, NY

We are there once or twice a week in the evenings.

Past Events

2020:  Homeschool Connect - All year

2020 Cancelled due to Corona-Virus:

Ocean Shores Music Festival,

WA & CA Homeschoool Conventions

Seattle Irish Festival; Galway Bay Pub Night, March

2016:  St. Patrick's Day Exhibit - Santa Ana, CA

Dependent on Corona Virus Developments

2017:  Learn to Play Seanchai - Ocean Shores, WA

2014:  Irish Photography Exhibit - Ocean Shores, WA

2021 Upcoming Events

2018:  LA Game Convention - May

2018:  Bellevue, WA Game Convention - August  

2018:  LA Game Convention - August

2018:  Ocean Shores, WA Seanchai Tournament - Oct

2015:  A Pictorial of Ireland -  Ocean Shores, WA