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Scéalta means stories in Gaelic and Seanchaí is full of stories!  One of the play variations includes collecting cards that form a scéal.  Click here  for their stories (scéalta)! 

How to Play

Children's Instructions 5+

Dark Powers Variant


Each suit in Seanchaí represents a different theme in Irish Heritage.  Click here to see them.

Four scorecards per sheet - prints on regular 8 1/2 x 11

Open the Box

Seanchaí (pron. shan-a-kee) means bearer of Old Lore.

Scealta Variant

Shamrock Variant

Quick Complete Instructions

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There are three resources here to learn to play
  • Printable written instructions
  • Quick video instructions for gamers
  • Detailed video instructions learned in steps

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